Underline Communications joins sandbox

We are pleased to announce that Underline Communications has joined sandbox, a full-service advertising agency comprised of complimentary, entrepreneurial firms who share the “play well together” ethos of collaboration.

The vision of veteran agency executives John Hilbrich and Mark Anthony, sandbox was created to meet clients’ desire for deep, integrated marketing capabilities delivered in a highly cooperative way—a rarity in today’s marketing landscape.

Underline Communications is one of four founding members, including McCormick Company, ONE Advertising and GA Communications. Successful in their respective markets and specialties, the partner agencies can leverage access to specialized talent and strategic resources to further expand their capabilities and deepen client relationships.

“sandbox will enable Underline to accelerate its growth by becoming part of a truly collaborative group of partner agencies,” said Principal and Managing Director of Underline Communications, Susan Berman.

Luke Daigle, Principal and Creative Director continued, “In sandbox, we found a partner that will enable us to expand our CRM expertise for the benefit of our partner agencies and a broader set of clients.”

Headquartered in Chicago, sandbox services clients from eight locations across the U.S. and Canada, providing global reach and expansion opportunities.

Learn more about sandbox now.