Travelers Want to Get Personal: Insights from Skift Global Forum

The second annual Skift Global Forum brought together leading strategists, technologists and marketers to discuss the future of travel, and Underline was proud to be among them.

One of the recurring themes was the importance of customizing the traveler’s experience at each point in their journey. That includes creating personalized marketing communications—which was the topic of the workshop co-presented by our own Luke Daigle, Principal of Underline, and Brian Lenhart, Director, Digital Marketing of American Express Travel.

The team presented a case study of how we transformed an email marketing program from a static blast to a highly personalized communication to meet the needs of the modern traveler.

Here are 3 key takeaways from the workshop:

#1 – Travel is a priority in our lives.

A recent American Express survey shows that the majority of Americans expect to travel the same or more in 2020 than they do today. And they say travel is a priority in their lives—in fact, most are willing to sacrifice in other areas in order to travel more. This is great news!

#2 – Personalization is powerful.

It’s critical for marketers to be smart about using data to inform how, when, and why they communicate with customers. This is not about being intrusive—customers want and expect brands to know them and cater to their preferences. This is true in the travel industry and beyond.

#3 – It’s about the person, not the persona.

With our ability today to customize communications to an individual, we can now allow data and context to shape how we communicate, rather than our assumptions. We can move beyond targeting segments or personas and make messages specific, relevant and personal.

Check out our previous post on segmentation vs. personalization, and come back for more trends and insights about personalizing the customer experience.