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Why Display Ads Can’t Match the Marketing Muscle of Content

A recent article from CMO.com proclaims “Increasingly, we’re seeing brands shift budgets and focus toward creating original content, and in many cases this content doesn’t even resemble an ad or directly promote a product.” We have long believed that content marketing can accomplish things that display advertising cannot, from higher click-through rates to increased customer engagement.

Underline Communications joins sandbox

We are pleased to announce that Underline Communications has joined sandbox, a full-service advertising agency comprised of complimentary, entrepreneurial firms who share the “play well together” ethos of collaboration.

The World in Transition

According to The Economist the world will undergo a radical change in 2015. For the first time, consumers will purchase more tablets than PCs, there will be more Facebook accounts than people in China, and mobile phone subscriptions will exceed the earth’s population. In our view, the implications are profound.

How Kraft Uses Content Marketing to Engage Customers

Kraft Foods has been at the forefront of using content marketing to engage its audiences for decades. In a recent speech, Julie Fleisher, the company’s director of data, content, and media, described Kraft’s approach as “relentlessly pursuing worthiness.”

Make a Simplification Promise

You want to create simple customer experiences. But your organizational structure and processes could be standing in the way. Read what Michael Hinshaw, Managing Director of MCorp Consulting, suggests for fast-tracking your business to simpler, more satisfying customer experiences.

Mapping the Customer Experience

Today’s multi-channel customers don’t just expect better experiences, they demand them. They’ll pay more in exchange for a great experience, and they’ll defect to a competitor after a bad one. A new app by BrandLogic called TapDash even lets customers offer brands real-time feedback during critical points in the sales cycle.