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Real-time Content Personalization in Emails

Personalization has become a core element of online and digital marketing. Its presence can be seen on most popular websites, social networks and brand pages. But its marketing value is increasingly off the web, in the form of real-time content personalization of a more traditional medium: email.

Personalization: It’s the Person, not the Persona

When your inbox is full, which emails do you read first? The ones that are personally relevant to you, right? What about when you’re searching for information or advice? You probably hit the sites you know and trust first. Your customers are no different—they look for content that is personalized, trusted, and relevant.

Five Principles for Designing Elegant Solutions

We define an elegant solution as one that surpasses expectations and delivers long-term value with a minimum of complexity, struggle, time, and expense. But elegance doesn’t simply happen. It takes a disciplined approach, characterized by five principles.