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My Customers Are Not Like Me

When I was getting my Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, my professors required my classmates and I to write “The user is not like me” at the top of every test and project we turned in. Failure to do so resulted in a failing grade. At the time it seemed a bit silly—but in the years since, I’ve seen how difficult it can be to remember and internalize this mantra.

Onboarding: Start Your Customer Experience Off Right

Companies that want to improve their customer experience often struggle with where to start. The answer, often, is at the beginning. I don’t mean to be flip. I’m talking about the beginning of the customer lifecycle, that critical time when companies work to convert prospects to fully integrated and profitable customers.

How Customer Experience Impacts Your Bottom Line

Many companies today still don’t understand the business value of customer experience or why they need dedicated resources in this area. It’s a shame, because the business benefits are quite clear—and they’re benefits that every executive strives for: increased revenue and decreased costs.

Customer Experience Drives Loyalty

Over the last several years, customer experience has become a buzzword in companies around the globe. But why should marketers care about customer experience? Why do customers’ thoughts and feelings about their interactions with companies matter? One word: loyalty.