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Travel Marketers: Does Your Loyalty Program Experience Miss The Mark?

Within the highly competitive travel industry, companies are under immense pressure to differentiate their offerings, solidify their brand in positive customer memories, and generate lasting customer loyalty. But sometimes this exuberance inadvertently leads to communications and interactions that degrade the experience of travel companies’ most loyal customers.

How To Guide Your Customers To Mutually Beneficial Choices

No one likes feeling like her choices have been made for her, and marketers who employ this sneaky technique are doing their brands a disservice. By letting customers make choices about when, how, and why they’re contacted, companies cement a healthier relationship, and customers get more relevant information and promotions.

What Makes For A Good Email Opt-Out/Opt-Down Experience?

Instead of inspiring action, frantic and frequent emails tend to cause people to tune out from key messages. In fact, 43% of consumers say that they receive too many commercial emails. But this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to sever ties with the companies, charities, or well-intentioned government bodies that cross the line into spam territory.

Can We Please Put An End To One-Size-Fits-All Emails?

I’ve written a lot of posts about the need for marketers to truly understand their customers. But that knowledge doesn’t do any good if it’s just sitting in a slide deck or database. My challenge to marketers and to the developers of the systems that support them is this: Let’s put an end to generic emails. Let’s use our smarts—and, perhaps more importantly, our customer data—to make email the personalized and relevant touchpoint that we all know it can be.

How To Design Your Loyalty Program Customer Experience

In a previous post, I talked about the need for loyalty program interactions to be both useful and easy. In other words, loyalty programs need to provide some utility or help someone accomplish a task (whether that’s saving money, getting a free TV, or getting exclusive access to an event). And the process of doing so shouldn’t require a lot of effort or brainpower on the part of the customer.

To Drive Value, Loyalty Program Interactions Must Be Useful & Easy

In recent years, the size and scope of loyalty programs have grown to the point that nearly every customer interaction—from commerce transactions to core product/service usage—is intrinsically tied to either a loyalty program earning scheme or a reward. It’s impossible to shop at a major grocery or drugstore chain without seeing discounts exclusively for members. […]