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Customer Journey Maps

What is a “customer journey map”? While there may be many different flavors, the end deliverable is a well-researched and visually documented guide to the step-by-step interactions between a customer and your brand as they use one of your products or services. Here are some interesting viewpoints by industry experts.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Are you a Twitter fan? Many companies bet on social media as an effective means to build personal connections with their customers. But this may only be partly true. Wharton School of Business posted a compelling article about Twitter’s role in relating to customers and when it might be wise to Hold That Tweet!

Are Your Customers Really Happy?

If you’re focusing solely on individual touchpoints to maximize their satisfaction, you could be missing the big picture. So says the Harvard Business Review in this great read that examines and extols the importance of managing your customer’s end-to-end journey.